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Sylvia reiser, Germany

- Curriculum vitae
1995 Sylvia Reiser finishes her job career as a lawyer in order to fulfill exceptionally her passion as an artist. Already in the beginning of her artist career she has been invited to exhibitions, interviews, fairs where her performances were shown.

1987 Second exam in law (University of Tübingen)

1987 – 1995 Section manager in a private bank (Stuttgart)

1995 – 2015 Giving up her lawyer profession, she follows her passion: “art”

2001, 2003, 2007 conception/creation of the “International Music Award Baden Baden that is presented to companies and artists all over Europe.
2008, 2010 Participation at the art and book biennale Alexandria, invited by the “Academy of Arts” , Cairo.

2002 – 2015 Working sessions in China, Turkey and Rumania.

After a short career as a restorerof paintings and wooden sculptures at the Museum of Eastern Bohemia, Darton moved to the UK in 1993 where she studiedjewellery and fashion design. In 2005 she graduated from the University of Chichester with a first-class degree in Fine Art and in 2015 Darton has been awarded MFA (Masters of Fine Art) from University of Sussex, UK. Her postgraduate career has seen her undertake several private and corporate commissions for mural paintings, including one for the Earl of March at GoodWood, West Sussex, UK.

“Addressing issues of identity and the relationship between people, places and architecture, my art is about the process of looking and seeing: our awareness of the time and space that we occupy. Like many artists who come to live in a different country to that of their childhood and adolescence, I see my own identity as somewhat ambiguous and use my art as a means of working through this ambiguity.

Always looking for new ways in which my art will create a space, rather than simply occupy it, my aim is to give the viewer a sense of being within the work and not just standing in front of it.”

Exhibitions :

Among other places, in Peking, New York, Washington, Cairo, Izmir, Barcelona, Debrecem, Bukarest, Amsterdam, Zurich, Straßburg, Innsbruck, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart.

(From towns, state authorities, private/public companies etc.)
Peking, Aix-en-Provence, (France), Kobe (Japan), Raffaela (Argentine) Innsbruck, Fifa (Zurich) BB International Collection of Fine Arts (Zürich) Berlin, University Tübingen, Ministery of State Baden- Württemberg, BMW, Filmacademy Stuttgart.

DRS (Switzerland) INTV (Germany) Hungarian Television, Chinese TV, Rumanian TV (documentary report in three about Sylvia Reiser) TRT (Turkish culture TV)

Documentary press reports, interviews, for example China Green Times (leading Chinese culture journal), Al Hayat (important Arabic newspaper) Rumania Global News, Athenum Revista de Cultura (Rumanian journals for culture and information), R+H sanat (Turkish culture journal) Austrian Week (Austrian journal) Süddeutsche Zeitung , Westdeutsche Tageszeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, High Socienty Magazine, Madame.

As representative of the German culture scene – participation at the international artist symposium for example in Alexandria, Peking, Izmir
Her ladder of success (her brand)
Odd stainless steel constructions and installations mastered with gold double in 24 karat that are up to 9 m high and show their ingenious singularity in connection with marble and lapis lazuli. Abstract painting collages, pictures designed in three dimensions in dominant colours and shapes with a gold double in 24 Karat big and small sized always unicates as a cycle of single exponate. Individual jewelry – art to wear.

Sylvia Reiser

Sylvia Reiser

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