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Monika Walter, POLAND

MONIKA WALTER (1979) I was born in Poland, but the meaning of my life I found in Italy. I am a young artist who gets inspiration from the world of inner feelings and thoughts. I'm fascinated by the creativity of the old masters of brush, whose I appreciate for the unique style and purity of form. I use the classic artistry of painting.
1 International Prize Leonardo da Vinci, Florence, Borghese Palace, Italy

"Orietur in Tenebris Lux Tua" , Formello, Rome, Italy
"Art Shopping 2015", Carrousel du Louvre,Paris,France
"Arte a Palazzo" Bologna,Italy
"Donate Bramante" Rome,Italy
"Art Expo June Barcelona" Barcelona, Spain
"Art Monaco 2015" Monaco
"Gala de l' art 2015" Monte Carlo, Monaco

"Mese della cultura e della lingua italiana" Monte Carlo,Monaco
"Gala de l'art 2014" Monte Carlo, Monaco
"Year in Review" Armony Week in NYC, USA
"Colori-emozioni" Varazze, Italy

"Scope Art Fair" Miami,USA
"Creatives Rising" NY,USA
"The Story of the Creative" Angel Orensanz Foundation, NY,USA
"Contemporary Art in Rome" Rome,Italy

My oil painting :

1. "Mona Lisa" ,oil on canvas, 50x80cm, 2016
2. "Madonna del Rosario", oil on canvas, 60x70cm, 2015
3. "L 'angelo" ,oil on canvas, 70x90cm, 2015
4. "Impero" ,oil on canvas, 50x60, 2013
Monila Walter

Monika Walter

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