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Martina Kolle

Born on the 14th of February in Munich, Germany

Every topic, the colours and composition of each single painting, are given to me in quiescence and are then transferred onto canvas. My oil on canvas paintings are compensators. The interplay of the objective and the non–objective generates tension: You can find patterns if you look for them, but the real importance lies in the disconnection of the painting from possible associations.

Apart from their positive effects on the atmosphere in the room, the painting also leads the viewer to his own inner life and feelings. If a painting appeals to someone in such a way, there is an inner resonance to the topic and the viewer finds mental balance at a deep emotional level. I am grateful when the viewer is touched deeply by my work. Then something is created that combines both: aesthetics and meaning.

At the moment, I live and work in Munich (Germany) and in Torri/San Zeno di Montagna (Italy). My works are shown in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey and USA.

Appel à candidature

Les demandes d'inscription sont ouvertes pour la 10ème édition du WOMEN'S ART WORLD 2017

Cet événement ne pourra accueillir qu'un nombre limité d'artistes. les participantes sélectionnées seront avisées par e-mail.

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