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MABRIS - Ste Luce sur Loire - France

Born in 1959 in Loire-Atlantique, in France, where she has her roots, Mabris lives near Nantes.
In 1989, scarred by the life, it is at first by the drawing that Mabris will find a new language, then very fast she will be attracted by the color and works then the oil painting.
After an education at the School of Fine Arts of Nantes, she does training courses with renowned painters of whom Thibaut De Reimpré, for the abstract!
Since 2004, she exposes her works in several galleries of the region and beyond.
Her workshop is installed to Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire, in area of Nantes.
The line is the starting point of her artistic approach, real expression of what we are when we paint. It is by it that the rhythm of the journey is writed, every time different.
Her colorer's soul led her quite naturally to associate the energy of the color with the power of the line, with a more particular interest for the dynamism of the forms and the harmony of the movement.
A resolutely contemporary art which joins in the artistic movement of the lyric abstraction.
A calligraphic vision been in love freedom, full of color and boldness … Mabris has dared!
The artist offers a work full of energy, the expression of her feelings to create
the visual impact and the reflection … Mabris says : " The abstraction is an emotion offered "! Her reference artists are Paul Jenkins and Georges Mathieu, to name only them.
All this language has an accessible meaning for all, the movement is the "visible" of the "inner self"!
It is "to LIVE" in a burst of colors that only the sensibility can name while protecting doubt and mystery.
A chromatic brightness which aims to be such as the spectator feels it, because the emotion is universal!
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