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Kirsten Høst, Danemark

Kirsten Høst is a Danish artist, now living in Denmark, who has embarked on a new phase of her life and work, after spending 30 years in London, UK. This new phase emanates from a confident and sure belief,, that there is a plan for each one of us, if we allow our true gifts to unfold naturally. This trust has allowed her to find a new vision and a new voice working with oil painting and watercolour/ink/collages.

Kirstens work is strongly influenced by geometry, whish she sees reflected in all aspects of our universe. This theme was reinforced by her meticulous study and admiration of the great renaissance painters in the museums in Italy, where she has spent longer periods of time, especially in Firenze, Perugia and Venezia. Kirsten`s work frequently starts with a geometric shape and with an open mind, and inspiration develops a life and vibration of its own.

Her work has been exhibited in London, Paris, Edinburg, Copenhagen, Philadelphia, and New York in the U.S.A, and will be in 2015 exhibited in Palermo and Firenze in Italy, Paris in France and in Barcelona in Spain.

I have loved geometry since I was a little girl, and have always had a compass and a ruler with me. Since year 2000 I have studied sacred geometry. My fascination of geometry and my love of colours combined with a wish to express emotions and impressions, have inspired the way I now work I have been searching for many years to find an expression - a voice - which did not come from my brain, but from my being, and I hope this is, what finally has happened. The universe IS a geometric construction, and it fascinates me how simple and at the same time how incredibly complicated it is.

My inspiration comes from many unexpected corners: something I see in nature - a film - or a dream I have had - but mostly now, when I construct my geometric drawings. Suddenly I will discover something in the construction, and I will develop it without thinking very much. I forget time and place - those hours are VERY happy hours! Standing in front of an old painting, excecuted several hundred years ago, also inspires me. However sophisticated the new photo techniques are - it will never be the same as the original, and - if possible at all -touching a painting by Perugino or Pontormo to mention just two of the great masters, is to connect in a way no words can describe, and is a great inspiration. It has taken me many years to peel off my belief in authority - how one SHOULD paint or NOT. Now I know, I must stay loyal to whatever inspiration leads me to - and accept whatever it looks like!

I believe that beauty, colour, balance and harmony influence us all very much – and so does the lack of it! Therefore it is meaningful and positive to create something, which makes the viewer feel good – in harmony – peaceful – and that it is a modest, but valuable contribution towards peace. I have chosen to work in solitude for a very long time – I felt it was the only way, I could find my own way through all the corridors of creative possibilities – always hoping, that one day something would crystallize from my search – that I clearly would see the direction, which was mine. That happened a few years ago, and I am so grateful for that, and I do hope, I can develop it much further in the years to come.

1965. Diploma in design and tailoring.
1965 - 1968. My own school of dressmaking in Copenhagen.
1968 - 1970. Worked in the Theatre and on films as a costumier.
1970 - 1972. Studied Theatre Science History at Copenhagen University.
!973. Started working creatively, with fabric and paper collages. Later with paintings.
1982. First exhibition of collages at the New Art Centre, Sloan St. London.
1982 - 1989. Exhibitions in Edinburg, London, Copenhagen, Philadelphia.
1986 - 1987. Studied art and drawing at John Cass Art School, London Polytechnic.
1992 Cambridge University Proficiency Certificate in English in Oxford.
2002 - 2005. The Institute of Art Therapy. Breininge, Denmark. Diploma in june 05.
2003. Courses in `Spiritual Mandala´ drawing with Judith Cornell Ph.D, California. USA
2004. Assistant to Dr. Judith Cornell, teaching at Mount Madonna, California. US
2003 - 2008. Private clients (Art Therapy) in London and Copenhagen.
1986 - 2006 attended several courses in self development, while exploring various ways of painting.
2014 – Exhibition at ArtExpo april 2014 New York
2014 – One Work “the snowqueen” chosen as work of the week,
By ArtBusinessNewsmagazie april 2014
2014 - Chosen by "ArtBusinessNews Magazine, USA, as one of the “Top Emerging Artist” in 2014.
2015 – Exhibition at the international Art Biennale in Palermo in January in Italy.
2015 – Exhibition in Galleri Dante in Firenze in March in Italy
2015 - Exhibition in MOMA Barcelona in April in Spain
2015 – Exhibition in Louvre Carouselle, Paris in June France
2015 – Exhibition in Gallery Tuilleire, Paris in September in France
2015 – Exhibition in Palermo in October, Bienale: Isola Che cè! Italy
2016 – Exhibition in Budapest in Gallery Faur Zsofi, Hungary

Kirsten Høst

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