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Heike Suhre, GERMANY

Heike Suhre was born in 1960 in Münster, Germany andlives in Emmen in the Netherlands
Shestudied art at the Arts Academy of Enschede (AKI Netherlands), and has had many solo exhibitions in Europe. Works of herscanbe found in private and public collections in manycountries.

Education :

1983 - 1987 academyfor design Münster ( duitsland) 1987 -1991 academie for art (AKI) Enschede

National Exhibitions :

2013 Galery Lichtzone Groningen
2013 Fine arts center (solo exhibition)
2013 Fine arts center Emmen
2014 Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven
2014 GaleryObjektief Enschede
2015 Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven
2015 Galery Lichtzone Groningen
2015 Gallery Fotoexpo 202 Amersfoort
2016 Fine arts centerEmmen

International Exhibitions :

2015 “CONVITTO RAGUSA” MUSEUM in NOTO SICILY 2015 Dundas Street Gallery Edinburgh , Scotland
2015 Blank Wall Gallery Athene Greece titled "Fine Art "
2015 “ARTIST FOR UNICEF “in the “Sala deglispecchi’’ (Mirrors’ Room) at thePoliteamaTheatre in Palermo.
2015 “Help-Hope-Nepal Mural” at SPECTRUM FAIR MIAMI USA 2015 Blank Wall Gallery Athene Greece Titled "Winter "
2016 INTERNATIONAL TRIENNALE IN VERONA ITALY 2016 Blank Wall Gallery Athene Greece (solo exhibition)
2016 Southern Museum Fine Art in Las Vegas Nevada USA 2016 Womens Art World Marokko –Museum of Marrakech


Grote Paul

2015 Award Artists at theCastle – Nerola (ROME) 11 december 2015
The award is reservedto a strictlynumber of selectedartistsand wants togiveprominencetotheir real value. The International event curatedby Francesco SaverioRusso and SalvatoreRusso, in collaborationwith EA Editore
of Palermo, willinvolvetheprincipal contemporaryartists.

2015 International Noto Award – Unesco Heritage
at Museum ConvittoRagusa - Noto – Sicily on December 4th 2015
The award willbegiventothe most important personalities of theworld of art and culture.

Marco Polo International Price, Art Ambassador, Italy, Venezia, Marin Palace 2015 -25 September.
The “Marco Polo – Art Ambassador International Prize” is a desiredprizethateveryyear is giventothe most important personalities of theworld of art and culture.

International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist. The Prize is forthe Artists that are worthfortheir artisticmerit.
This is one of the most important art prices in theworld . The Price is fortheArtiststhat are worthfortheirartisticmerit.
The awardsceremonywill take place in FLORENCE insidethe Borghese Palace .
on January 29th, 2016, insidethe Borghese Palace in Florence.
Heike Suhre

Heike Suhre

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