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Dinett Hok, Republic of Panama

- Artistic biography
Dinett was born in Aguadulce, a very small town in the Republic of Panama. As a young girl, drawing was her favorite pastime. She began formal art studies at the age of 17 at the University of Panama and paid her college tuition through Freelance artwork and graphic designs.

Dinett had the wonderful fortune of meeting renowned Panamanian artist Manuel Chong Netothrough one of her college professors. His work continues to influence her creativity and passion. After graduating from the University of Panama with a BA in Graphic Art, Dinett worked as a commercial graphic artist for two different clothing companies.

Upon moving to the United States, Dinett embarked on a six year endeavor to promote and teach art to elementary school students in the public school system for the state of Georgia. Dinett believed that her students could learn and apply advanced art techniques on a variety of mediums at a very young age if the correct approach was used. Many of her students won awards at local, state and national level competitions. Her teaching approach assisted the public school system administrators in improving and expanding the art program in their county.

After moving to Florida, Dinett‟s journey as a professional artist continued to expand as she took on the leadership role of Area X Chairman for the Florida Artists Group. FLAG is one of longest standing non-profit art organizations in the state Florida.

Dinett creates artwork with a unique style and passion…

Her work has received acclaims both nationally and internationally in the United States, Paris, Rome, Venice, Beijing, as well as other venues in Europe. Her most recent notable awards are:

- "The David of Bernini 2015" and the special prize for “Human Rights 2015” Tribute to "Anne Frank", Lecce-Italy,

- 2015 International Price Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist, Florence Italy,

- 2015 “1° Premio InternazionaleAntonello da Messina” Teatro Politeama di Palermo, Italy,

- 2015, “Michelangelo” International Prize Award-Artists at the Jubilee at Palazzo Cardinal Cesi, Rome – Italy

- 2015 “Rubens Pieter Paul” Art Award at Lecce, Italy

- 2015 “Guglielmo II” Art Award at The Modern Art Civic Museum „‟GiuseppeSciortino‟‟ Monreale Italy

- 2015 “Marco Polo-Art Ambassador” Art Award at Palazzo Marin Venice-Italy GuicciardiniBongianni Palace, Venice, Italy

- 2014 “Europe in Art” Art Award at the European Biennial of Paris at Salle Des Coffre, Paris, France.

Dinett Hok

Dinett Hok

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